Marriage Fitness Quiz

Connect2 Marriage Fitness Quiz

In Silicon Valley, we focus on all sorts of fitness: physical, career, raising children who will excel, fiscal, and so on. What’s the current state of your marriage fitness? Take this quiz and find out.

  1. Do I respond (vs. react) and give empathy when listening to my spouse?
  2. Yes.
    I respond, but don’t give empathy.

  3. Do I have my partner’s back no matter what?
  4. Yes.
    Usually, but not with extended family.

  5. Do I seek sex from my spouse?
  6. Yes.
    I do, but I don’t initiate it.

  7. Do I comfort my mate?
  8. Yes.
    I try, but it doesn’t seem to help.

  9. Do I create home as a haven that rejuvenates us?
  10. Yes.
    At times.

  11. Do we go on a weekly date and not talk about kids?
  12. Yes.
    At times.

  13. Do I hug, kiss, and say hello and goodbye?
  14. Yes.
    At times.

  15. Do I criticize or tell my spouse how to do things better?
  16. Yes.
    I’m just being efficient.

  17. When in a disagreement with my partner, I . . .
  18. Fight.
    Work to understand and repair.

  19. When I need something from my spouse, I . . .
  20. Ask explicitly.
    Make him/her figure it out.

  21. My spouse has complained about my device use?
  22. Yes.
    We’re together, but I’m often on my device.

  23. I explicitly know and do my part of caring for our children and home.
  24. Yes.
    We have not discussed it explicitly, but I do my part.

  25. I am a good steward of our money.
  26. Yes.
    We don’t have a plan, so I’m not sure.

No matter what your score, if you want to improve your marriage, there are tools and skills you can learn.

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Top score: 100
86-100. Great! You are working on your marriage and it’s paying off. You must have good tools and skills.
71-85. Doing really well. Make a little more effort in the areas you scored lower on.
51-70. Time to refocus on your marriage. A small adjustment now can get you back on track.
30-50. Time to get some help; read books, make a concerted effort to resolve issues, seek counseling.
0-29. Before you head out the door, see if you have enough rope left to create “Marriage 2″ that is healthy and happy.

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