Couple’s Donut and a Letter to Law Enforcement Couples

Couple’s Donut and a Letter to Law Enforcement Couples What is a couple’s donut? This week I have a guest column to share with you written by Dr. Ellen Kirschman, a 30-year police psychologist and author of several books for law enforcement officers and their families, and now psychological mysteries (which are very good, BTW).[…]

Corporate Wellness and Couples

Corporate Wellness and Couples I’m starting to see a lot in the news about corporate wellness, and that companies are and will be investing in corporate wellness programs. But what about corporate wellness and couples? Rand Data According to the Rand Corporation, each dollar invested in disease management services is expected to return $3.80 in[…]

Work: What Happens when your Relationship is in Trouble?

Work: What Happens when your Relationship is in Trouble? If your marriage is suffering – if you feel unloved, unheard, misunderstood, lack intimacy and/or sex, are considering leaving your marriage, are having an affair or wonder if your partner is, are worrying about a divorce, your kids, and so on – then what happens at[…]

How Would You Two Handle a Terminal Diagnosis?

How Would You Two Handle a Terminal Diagnosis? I watched the moving video of Craig Sager receiving the Jimmy V award at the ESPYS. He had on another one of his outrageous jackets. It made wonder how I would handle a terminal diagnosis of my spouse or myself. How Craig Handled His Diagnosis: In it[…]

Repeating Myself for Your Marriage

Repeating Myself for Your Marriage I’m repeating myself for your marriage. This is so important, that I am going to repeat myself: If your relationship is in trouble, do something about it NOW! The research shows that many couples let things go for six years before coming to counseling. Many couples go much longer, caught[…]

Goals and Expectations in a Couples Relationship

Goals and Expectations in a Couples Relationship Do you plan goals and set expectations at work? Of course you do. However, many people forget to set goals and expectations in a couples relationship. They do not go through this process with their relationship, and later wonder, “How did I get here?” What Do You Each[…]

My Son Turned 20 – He Worries About Our World

My Son Turned 20 My son turned 20. I’m so proud of him. He’s thoughtful and kind, and has a great group of longtime friends that he listens to and supports. He treats his girlfriend and her family well. He’s in college and going to culinary school. As a parent, these are all reasons to[…]

Infertility and Miscarriage Couples Counseling

Infertility and Miscarriage Some couples have a tremendously hard time having children. And after many tries and losses, certain couples can benefit from infertility and miscarriage couples counseling. It seems that some women can get pregnant so easily (maybe even when they didn’t want to be), and sail through the months, and have a nice,[…]

“We are Spiritually Unemployed” — What Will You Do About It?

“We are Spiritually Unemployed” When thinking about the concept of “we are spiritually unemployed”, I’m talking about the definition from the Oxford Dictionary: “of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” Another definition of spirit is related to religion, and I’m not talking about that in[…]

Say Yes or No?

Say Yes or No? I often hear from clients that your partner doesn’t want to do things with you that they’re not interested in. You get to say yes or no. How does that work with the idea of being in each other’s care, and doing the best thing for the relationship? My husband is[…]