Corporate Wellness and Couples

Corporate Wellness and Couples I’m starting to see a lot in the news about corporate wellness, and that companies are and will be investing in corporate wellness programs. But what about corporate wellness and couples? Rand Data According to the Rand Corporation, each dollar invested in disease management services is expected to return $3.80 in[…]

Work: What Happens when your Relationship is in Trouble?

Work: What Happens when your Relationship is in Trouble? If your marriage is suffering – if you feel unloved, unheard, misunderstood, lack intimacy and/or sex, are considering leaving your marriage, are having an affair or wonder if your partner is, are worrying about a divorce, your kids, and so on – then what happens at[…]

How Does Psychotherapy Work? Very Simply.

How Does Psychotherapy Work? Very Simply. I was recently reading “Shrunken Heads” by Gregory Lester, Ph.D., and came across these descriptions of what psychotherapy is and how it works: “Psychotherapy. . . is a treatment activity that is designed to work on the mechanisms of the human psyche in such a way as to give[…]

Meditation Before Medication for Better Mental Health

Please note: I am not a doctor, and I am not prescribing anything. I am not advocating that anyone stop their medication without consulting their doctor. I suggest you consult your doctor when you have a health concern. Certain mental health issues require medication. Many doctors view meditation as a good addition to Western medicine.[…]

Stuff It or Talk About It?

Stuff It or Talk About It?   I finished reading Hurricane Sisters, and the husband came home begging for forgiveness. The couple spent the whole night talking, and then agreed never to talk about his affair again, and she would take him back. Hollywood vs. Regular Lives This is the work of novels and Hollywood.[…]