How Would You Two Handle a Terminal Diagnosis?

Marriage counseling couples counseling premarital How would you two handle a termainal diagnosis?

How Would You Two Handle a Terminal Diagnosis?

I watched the moving video of Craig Sager receiving the Jimmy V award at the ESPYS. He had on another one of his outrageous jackets. It made wonder how I would handle a terminal diagnosis of my spouse or myself.

How Craig Handled His Diagnosis: In it Together

Craig thanked his wife, and talked about how they are in the process together; whatever it is, she’s right there with him. He talked about the power of love. He acknowledged his kids, right after thanking his wife. Craig also spoke about time, and essentially how we each get to choose what to do with each and every day we have here.

How About your Marriage?

How do you want to spend your time? Being kind, loving and connected with one another? Or fighting, arguing, being right, and disconnected? Don’t start off a conversation in an accusing way. Say, hey I noticed this, and it’s not working for me, it hurts my feelings, or that crosses my boundaries.

Or, try, Hi, my beloved. Here are a few things I truly am amazed by about you.

Your choice — every day.

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