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Connect2® Personality Mapping: A Breakthrough Psychotherapy Process Tool for Understanding Your Clients, Their Families and Their Relationships. Available at

From the back cover:

You are the clinician that wants to know and understand the patterns and intersections of your patient’s life. You want to connect the dots and see how the big picture and the tiniest details overlay to create the landscape of her life and relationships with family, friends, partner, and self. You want to see the “here be dragons” portion of the unconscious. You want to know the depth, breadth and height of his experiences that has led to now, to you.

Connect2® Personality Mapping is a powerful guided psychotherapeutic process tool designed to explore the layers of the physical and psycho-emotional Self with individuals, couples and families. It is a way of illustrating, in black and white and color, an individual’s maps of her intra- and inter-personal relationships.

The purpose of Personality Mapping is to examine and integrate those maps, within your particular theoretical orientation. Simply put, the end-goal is to alter the maps, transform the brain, and reframe feelings and responses so that they become rich, appropriate and authentic.

Here are testimonials about Connect2® Personality Mapping from the back cover:

Great work! I love your technique. Chandrama Anderson introduces a powerful and creative tool that therapists of all persuasions can use to great effect. Using her technique, the client is led through a process of writing and drawing which lays bare multiple levels: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, family, relationships, sexuality, and financial. Richly illustrated with case examples, her presentation is so clear and practical that readers are likely to say to themselves, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?” David Van Nuys, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Sonoma State University, Host, Shrink Rap Radio, Host, Wise Counsel Podcast


“[Personality Mapping is] a very interesting and clinically useful technique . . . I practiced psychiatry and psychoanalysis for 30+ years . . . This was helpful for many patients, but unable to help many patients delve into material that was too emotionally dangerous for them. I wish that I knew of your technique of Personality Mapping. It is a wonderful avenue into this material . . .”, Barry M. Panter, M.D., Founder and Director of The American Institute of Medical Education, Emeritus Clinical Professor, Psychiatry USC School of Medicine; Fellow, American Psychiatric Association


“[Personality Mapping] is particularly helpful and useful in assisting us in developing a new mental paradigm in conceptualizing our work with individuals, couples, and families.”, Doris O’Neal, LCSW, Training Coordinator, Family Service Agency of San Mateo County

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