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Chandrama Lynne Anderson, MA, MFT
President of Connect2 Marriage Counseling, Inc.

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Unbiased and Compassionate

When you are looking for someone to talk to about your most personal problems as a couple, you want it to be the right person that can listen to both parties without taking sides.

My clients say that I am honest, compassionate, helpful, and very insightful for both partners, and that I challenge you in the ways you need to be, but never with judgment or bias.

You will find that I am very involved in the process with you; you need a therapist that doesn’t just nod and let you talk to each other like you do at home.

Personal and Professional Experience

In terms of being able to relate to your problems, I bring a lot of personal, as well as professional experience. I have experienced serious illness and deaths in my family, death of a child, infertility and miscarriage, divorce, parenting, mid-life career change, family alcohol-related issues, bi-racial marriage and children, and much more.

I lived in and around Palo Alto since the 1960s. I worked in high-tech in Silicon Valley for many years (. . . For Dummies, Apple, Stanford University, etc.)  prior to becoming a therapist. My background in Silicon Valley is helpful in understanding local couples’ dynamics and the pressures of living here in the Bay Area.

My personal and professional background gives me deep understanding and compassion for clients undergoing life-changing events and the ensuing roller-coaster of emotions and reactions. You have tried everything you can think of, and it still isn’t working, so now you are seeking confidential help.

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