Connect2 Marriage Counseling

“This is pure relationship gold.” – BookLife

Coming to the US May 28, 2024: Introducing the Graphic self-help series I Do, I Don’t: How to Build a Better Marriage, a bold new approach in couples therapy. Published by Soaring Penguin Press. Foreword by . . . For Dummies founder/CEO John Kilcullen.

Early adopters include Harvard Medical Library, Columbia University Library, and the Silicon Valley creator of the FaceBook Thumbs Up.

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Review by Publisher’s Weekly BookLife: “Combining marriage advice with graphic novel appeal, therapist Anderson (Connect2 Personality Mapping) transforms the story of young couple Ben and Grace into a practical intimacy guide overflowing with hands-on activities. As the pair open up in counseling, their level-headed therapist educates them on attachment styles, healthy communication, and more, gently urging both Ben and Grace to recognize the voices and experiences from their childhood that are plaguing their current relationship—and learn how to meet their needs in healthy, respectful ways. Anderson closes each chapter with take-home exercises and prompts to help readers implement the advice, ultimately reconstructing Ben and Grace’s story into a valuable, in-the-trenches marriage handbook . . . This insightful look at the hard work that goes into marriage is pure relationship gold.”

Review by Will Morgan, FA the comiczine ” . . . Speaking from my own distant background as a therapist—though not a relationship specialist—I can attest to the efficacy of the techniques herein . . . Chandrama Anderson’s script does an admirable job of breaking a complex web of clinical concepts down into readily comprehensible segments . . . introduced chapter by chapter to different tools for analysing, understanding, and eventually redirecting the relationship dynamic . . . It’s quite effective.”

Here’s chapter one:

Legend and Chapter One

Chapter One: Anxious & Uncomfortable 

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