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Chandrama Anderson, MA, MFT

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Chandrama Anderson, MA, MFT, President of Connect2 Marriage Counseling

Do you want more intimacy in your life? Do you want to further develop a sense of wonder at this journey of life? Do you want to connect more deeply with meaning and purpose? Are you called to a spiritual path to which you want to listen? Are you interested in premarital counseling to set your selves up for a loving, secure marriage? If you would like to enrich yourself and your relationships, have more beauty, be of service, listen to your soul, overcome obstacles, and soak in the love available around you, please seek me out for counseling.

My experience of having eight family members die in five years led me to become a therapist specializing in couples and grief counseling. In addition to maintaining an active practice, I speak at conferences throughout the country. I also maintain a blog, Couple’s Net, for The Palo Alto Weekly, Menlo Park Almanac, and Mountain View Voice, San Ramon Weekly, and the Pleasanton Weekly. Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in high tech at Apple, Stanford University and in Silicon Valley. I am the author of Building an eCommerce Website (1998), No U-Turn at Mercy Street: A Memoir and Resource Guide for Grieving Parents (2010), Personality Mapping (2012) and A Hard Road (2018).

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