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  • “. . . . Sometimes the ones most broken from inside are the ones most willing to help others.”

    Tore Kesicki posted on LinkedIn about Keanu Reeves, and it struck me so powerfully that I wanted to share it with you, Readers (see below). No matter what you have been through, you can work on yourself to be healthier, and all of us can help someone else. There are opportunities every day. Some are […]

  • College Students who Come from a Helicopter Parent(s) Upbringing

    Please note: I am not judging helicopter parents; I just want the best for you and your kids. I know a young man finishing up his undergrad education. He has a group project for his Capstone class. Their assignment is designed to bring together everything learned throughout their Health Science degree. His experience has been: […]

  • How are Exotic Animal Training and Learning in Marriage Related?

    How are Exotic Animal Training and Learning in Marriage Related? I hear a lot of complaining about what a partner did or didn’t do. A lot of, “If you loved me, you would/wouldn’t,” and see many behaviors that lack appreciation and leave a partner feeling s/he will never be good enough. Reward and Praise (and […]

  • Pornography

    Pornography I realized that with all the topics I have written about, I have not written about pornography. In the realm of modeling behavior I believe in (in this case being explicit in communication), I will say that I have heard so many stories with poor endings that involve pornography. If you have an explicit […]

  • One Type of Difficulty in Marriage

    One Type of Difficulty in Marriage I read the following description of a troubled marriage in Barefoot to Avalon, by David Payne. The book is an intimate look into family systems, pain, joy, dysfunction under the surface (think iceberg), and ultimately about love. There are many ways a marriage can be troubled, and this is […]

  • Afraid of Hurting My Partner’s Feelings

    Afraid of Hurting Your Partner’s Feelings Do you avoid talking about certain topics because you are afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings? Many couples do. The proverbial pile under the rug gets so big that it’s a circuitous route around it. Unfortunately there are consequences well beyond hurt feelings when you leave things unaddressed in […]

  • Sex in the South and East Asian/Arab Communities

    Sex in the South and East Asian and Arab Communities I am not claiming to be an expert on sex in the South and East Asian and Arab communities. Yet with the mix of nationalities of people in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, it means that there are many South and East Asian and […]

  • Phubbing and other Phone Behavior

    Phubbing and other Phone Behavior It seems there is always something new to learn: Phubbing and other Phone Behavior is the most recent for me. The term: Phubbing. According to Baylor University, it means “partner phone snubbing,” or when incessant cell-phone checking damages romantic relationships. Texting Teens and Anxiety I also read about a study […]

  • Relationship Baggage or “Emo Crap”

    Relationship Baggage or “Emo Crap” Whether or not you believe in the “California woo-woo thing,” as Elaine Taylor wrote in her story, A Karmic Pact Fulfilled: I Got the Love I Gave (posted on The Dallas Morning News), she describes so well why we need to work through our childhood issues in order to have […]

  • I Had No Idea How to Deal with Anger and Conflict

    I Had No Idea How to Deal with Anger and Conflict Recently I was looking at one of my journals from the early 80s when I was 20 or 21 years old. I came across an entry about an interaction with my guy of that time. It reminded that I had no idea how to […]