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Child Loss Group

The Child Loss Group for is for women and men online. I ask that you commit to 8 weeks of group, and then you may choose whether to continue for another 8 weeks. Start date will commence when we have six participants.

Child loss, deathChild loss is the most devastating loss — it is not even imaginable. But when it happens, your world is turned upside down, inside out, and the pain is indescribable.

Women and men often react to child loss differently, and have differing support needs.

In this group, we’ll have a safe and confidential space to discuss our thoughts, feelings, concerns, pains, hopes, and dreams.

In addition, we’ll learn about grief, and the differing styles of grief, and how to support each other during these worst of times. The research shows that child loss does NOT lead to higher rates of divorce. Cracks that previously existed will show up, though.

This group is open to those who have lost children from babies to adults.

Chandrama Anderson, MA, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist in Palo Alto, California, and President of Connect2 Marriage Counseling, Inc.

My experience of having had eight family members die in a five year period, and concurrently surviving five miscarriages, led me to become a therapist specializing in couples and grief counseling.

In addition to maintaining an active practice, I speaks at conferences throughout the country. I also writes a blog, Couple’s Net, for The Palo Alto Weekly, Menlo Park Almanac, and The Mountain View Voice, San Ramon Weekly and The Pleasonton Weekly that can be found at

Prior to becoming a therapist, Chandrama worked in high tech at Stanford University, Apple Computer, and in Silicon Valley. Chandrama is the author of Building an eCommerce Website (1998), No U-Turn at Mercy Street: A Memoir and Resource Guide for Grieving Parents (2010) and Personality Mapping (2012, A Hard Road (2018).


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