Silicon Valley Burnout?

Do you see yourself here? It may not go in linear order. If you don’t recognize yourself on this chart, does your partner identify you on it? Your co-workers? Keep your cool if they do! I’m pretty sure you hide it, possibly even from yourself. I encourage you to actually look for it, and take[…]

Joe, Joan, and Helen: Crossdressing

Joe, Joan, and Helen: Crossdressing “Joan is my feminine side,” Joe told me. Joe has been dressing in women’s clothes since he was a young boy. Joe and Helen have been married for 25 years. They met at a dance and dinner party, hit it off, and have been a couple ever since. Joe is[…]

Number One at Home, “Average” Here?

Number One at Home, “Average” Here? Were you number one in your class? Were you the smart kid? A geek? Whether you got kudos for it or bullied, or a reaction in between, your smarts are likely tied in with your self-image.Now that you’re here in Silicon Valley, you’re probably in with your peers — you[…]