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  • Afraid of Hurting My Partner’s Feelings

    Afraid of Hurting Your Partner’s Feelings Do you avoid talking about certain topics because you are afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings? Many couples do. The proverbial pile under the rug gets so big that it’s a circuitous route around it. Unfortunately there are consequences well beyond hurt feelings when you leave things unaddressed in […]

  • Phubbing and other Phone Behavior

    Phubbing and other Phone Behavior It seems there is always something new to learn: Phubbing and other Phone Behavior is the most recent for me. The term: Phubbing. According to Baylor University, it means “partner phone snubbing,” or when incessant cell-phone checking damages romantic relationships. Texting Teens and Anxiety I also read about a study […]

  • Twin Babies Talking: Early Communication Patterns Can Be Changed

    Check out this video on YouTube of baby twins “talking” to one another. As you’re watching, think about how you communicate with your partner. Here are a few things to notice: Take away the words you speak and put in “Blah, blah, blah” How and where you stand, how you use your body How much “air-time” […]