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Each of you has a set of norms and rules that go with being in a committed relationship. I can guarantee that not all of them the same — although I hope that many are in alignment.

You each know and can name some of the rules (you probably don’t call them rules, either). Many of them are harder to name. Where do these rules come from? Your family growing up, society, cultural mores, and individual temperament and life experience.

It can be so surprising when your partner doesn’t react in the way that you expect him/her to! That’s because whatever you grew up with is normal (whether or not it was healthy), and as a couple, you have two sets of “normal.”

I love premarital counseling, since it gives you an opportunity to find out what your rules are, discuss them together, and create what you want in the your future.

Here’s a partial list of things to talk over and deeply understand with your partner to determine “Yours, Mine, or Ours:”

Pre-Marital, Premarital, Pre MaritalAll of these topics and more are opportunities to build intimacy and connection in your relationship. Expect that your views will differ some, and allow yourselves to be playful with the process.