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Wrap-Around Couples Therapy

What Is Wrap-Around Couples Therapy?Wrap-Around Therapy, marriage, relationships, couples, sex, money, power, conflict

Wrap-Around Couples Therapy saves time and money as the couple has a therapist and each partner has his or her own therapist. The couple allows all three therapists to talk and coordinate their care.

The individual therapist provides extra support for the wife or husband, while also supporting the couple’s work. The couple’s therapist provides balance and support for the treatment unit: the couple, while also supporting the individual work being done.

Wrap-Around Couples Therapy Is Effective

What I have seen is that couple’s counseling is boosted, as each individual has the support of his or her own therapist in the process. Issues that come up in the couples or individual sessions may be shared among the therapists and addressed in the appropriate setting.

Wrap-Around Couple's Therapy, marriage, couples, relationship, sex, money, power, conflictFor example, it may come out in the couple setting that one partner feels ignored and one feels criticized. This feedback to the individual therapists allows those issues to be worked on simultaneously, moving ahead the couple’s work. Another example may be that an individual feels his partner is not quite up front in sharing the situation at home with the couple’s therapist, and that therapist can highlight the issue to her therapist plus the couple’s therapist to further explore.

If you want to work through your marital issues with care, compassion, efficiency, and by doing the work it will take, Wrap-Around Couples Therapy is a great process for you.

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