Our Beloved Dog Died (and now we have a new one)

Our beloved dog died and it brought up old grief. We got a new dog. He doesn’t replace Tarth, but he gets and gives unconditional love; which we all need.

In 2010, my step-son Diego was 9 years old. He wrote the following about Tarth, our then seven year-old Papillion:

A Day in the Life of Tarth

March 14, 2010

2 AM: Sleeps blissfully through time change next to Chandrama.
7:47 AM Let out.
7:47 AM to 7:51 AM Wonders when Chandrama will let him in.
8AM to 9:30AM Follows Chandrama.
9:39 Sitting at Chandrama’s feet all jealous because Little (the cat) is at keyboard with Chandrama.
9:41 AM Sulks under dining table.
9:42 AM Petted by Diego.
9:43 AM Things look good for Tarth around Chandrama again.
9:45 AM Petted briefly by Felix.
9:49 AM Chandrama goes to table. Tarth sits hopefully by her chair
9:54 AM Tarth defends the manor of Tarthington from squirrels
10:03 AM Finally breakfast is over. Tarth moves toward Chandrama.
10:05 AM Licks plates with much gusto; specially prepared for him.
10:08 AM Resumes guard duty.
10:09 AM Let me in! Darts around, full of energy.
10:12 AM Paces around, wondering when Chandrama will be done with her shower.
10:24 AM Still wonders when Chandrama will be done.
10:35 AM Chandrama finally comes out of shower. Tarth is visibly relieved.
10:36 AM Tarth hopefully resides at feet during hair drying.
10:42 AM Contemplates strange behavior of people around him seemingly getting ready to go somewhere.
11:20 AM Mystery location finally revealed. “Car” word spoken: altitude of jump, 2 feet.
11:24 AM Gets on highway. Much excitement. Tarth in high-vibrate mode.
11:32 AM Excitement finally recedes to lower level. Vibrating no longer but still looking around to find out exactly where we are headed.
11:37 AM Settles into position; petted by Felix.
11:46 AM Terrible thought occurs: Where’s Chandrama?
11:48 AM After searching for two long minutes, Chandrama is finally found.
11:51 AM Briefly petted by Diego.
11:55 AM Finally in Chandrama’s lap: “Aaaahh.”
11:56 AM Tarth gets babied by Chandrama.
11:58 AM Very happy.
11:59 AM Water sighted (Monterey Bay). Makes educated guess on location.
12:01 PM About 20 minutes till beach.
12:03 PM Coffee stop suggestion made.
12:04 PM Observes surroundings.
12:05 PM Tarth requests to be petted by “snouting.”
12:06 PM Almost falls off [seat in bliss].
12:07 PM Moves back [to Diego and Felix] and gets enthusiastic welcome.
12:08 PM Directs himself to Chandrama by plowing his way through console.
12:09 PM Bay visible
12:12 PM In town.
12:13 PM Leash attached. Hope this means we will exit shortly. Revealed that we are stopping for coffee.
12:22 PM Tarth gets personalized water cup.
12:29 PM Arrive at beach. Unable to contain excitement.
1:06 PM Gulps down water in two drinks.
2:30 PM Goes to car with Chandrama.
4:00 PM Done with beach; heads to car.
4:20 PM Gets back on freeway.
4:21 PM Very quiet.
4:22 PM Traffic very bad. 30 MPH. Tarth compemplates traffic.
4:26 PM Traffic eases up. Settles in the back seat.
4:37 PM Much excitement from Tarth as we pass two Beagles.
4:41 PM Tarth is very still.
4:50 PM Gets up; looking hopefully at Chandrama.
5:00 PM Gets briefly petted by Dad.
5:05 PM Very excited.
5:07 PM Leash attached. We get out.

And that is a day in the Life of Tarth!

Tarth’s quote of the month:
“If you are not going to fail, what would you do today?”

Previous quotes of the month:
“It’s better to be smart than big.”
“Watch out for dancing Christmas hats.”

Tarth died in March 2017. I’m sad, and I keep thinking I hear him snoring. This grief begets old grief. At the moment, it’s manageable. Yesterday, while getting photos together to print for us and for his first mom, Flo, I got very upset. And I’m glad we have the photos. 

While Tarth is no longer with us, he will forever be in our hearts, and in our memories.

Our new dog is Bixby and we got him in August 2018.