Omnipresent Grief

“If it’s true that we generally don’t know how to grieve personal losses with others in community, then we have no context for grieving communal losses–those that are omnipresent.” Photo by Click @MorgueFile Grief is usually associated with a loss due to death. There are other losses we grieve: loss of a marriage, relationship or[…]

Mom Said a Lot

I’m going to share a piece I wrote in my mid-20s. You will see intergenerational wounds, and part of what I have had to work through in my own life. My husband tells me how amazing it is that I’m “so intact and emotionally available given what I came from”.  You’ll likely a recognize a[…]


I initially posted this in 2014, and readers found it helpful, so I’m sharing it with you again. I have been pregnant seven times. I wanted two children. I have a wonderful son who will be 18 this year. [He’ll be 26 this year!] My last miscarriage was two weeks before I turned 40 (which[…]

Grief and the Holidays

Editor’s Note: I originally posted this in 2013. Due to the 73,000 people who have read it, I think it’s worth sharing again, especially after over 5.34 million people have died worldwide from Covid. All the hubaloo around Christmas and New Year celebrations can be so painful or irrelevant when you’re grieving the death of[…]