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  • My wife thinks I am keeping secrets . . .

    Dear Chandrama, My wife thinks I am keeping secrets from her. I am just trying to protect her. I had a challenging upbringing; hers was protected. That innocence attracted me to her, plus she is smart and attractive and we’re like-minded on many issues and values. What am I doing wrong? Dear What am I […]

  • Couples and Premarital: Shelter, Harbor . . .

    . . . cover, defend, guard, protect, screen, shield, ward . . These are synonyms for shelter. But what if you feel stuck in the house with your partner and your unresolved issues? Sheltering These are indeed strange times. We have been ordered to Shelter in Place. This can be an opportunity for your relationship. […]

  • Supporting your Beloved Partner in Corona Virus Times

    It’s possible you each have different thoughts and feelings about the Corona virus and the safety of your family and each other. Maybe you’re on the same page about it. Here’s how to support your beloved. What’s most important is to talk about it with an open mind and curiosity. This allows room for thoughts, […]

  • Top 6 Reasons to do Online (Video) or Phone Therapy

    Top 6 Reasons to do Online Therapy 1. Concerns about Coronavirus or other health reasons; have your sessions as a couple or individual from your home or office. 2. Responsibilities at home that make it difficult to travel to an appointment. 3. Embarrassment about seeking help or anxiety about face-to-face appointments. 4. Traffic, or you’re […]

  • Premarital: Women Over 50 Do Get Married

    Wedding Bells After Fifty by Autumn Marie is a read I recommend. There’s a myth that women over 50 won’t get married, and this book is out to dispel that. Ten stories plus the author’s are presented. The women are from all walks of life, many ethnicities and backgrounds. The overwhelming theme of the book […]

  • Couples: What Are Your Gifts that Must Be Shared?

    What Are Your Gifts that Must Be Shared? The following poem was written by an acquaintance of mine who recently died at the young age of 61. What gifts do you have to give to your beloved, to your family, to your work and community, and to the world? Loving another deeply and without judgment […]

  • Couples: Do You Have Sex Only on Vacation?

    Couples: Do You Have Sex Only on Vacation? Over the years of seeing couples in marriage counseling, and through reading I’ve done, there are many couples who only have sex on vacation. Sex on vacation is great! You’re more relaxed, you’re in a new environment (which stimulates dopamine – the chemical which helps control the […]

  • Couple Time and Work Time

    Couple Time and Work Time I hear couples say they are too busy to spend time together. They work too much. I see long, long work hours in every couple who comes in. And it takes a toll. Couples lose connection, communication, and soon after that, their sex life drops off. Seems people are worried […]

  • The Call for Couples or Marriage Counseling? Communication

    The Call for Couples or Marriage Counseling? Communication Communication is the most frequent topic of calls for couples or marriage counseling. My husband/wife doesn’t: – Listen – Understand – Make me a priority – Cherish me – Love me how I want it – Have my back – Want to spend time with me – […]

  • Engagement Rings: Myths and Options

    Congratulations on your engagement. (To be well set up for a life of marital happiness, and to learn how to deal as a couple with the curveballs life will inevitably throw your way, seek premarital counseling. This link is a list of things to talk about before you get married. You want to know how each […]