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Couples: What Are Your Gifts that Must Be Shared?

What Are Your Gifts that Must Be Shared?

The following poem was written by an acquaintance of mine who recently died at the young age of 61.

What gifts do you have to give to your beloved, to your family, to your work and community, and to the world? Loving another deeply and without judgment is a gift. Bringing out the best in others is a gift. The list is endless. Your gifts are unique to you.

Please make sure you recognize them and gift others before you die.


You enter life a ship laden with meaning, purpose and
sent to be delivered to a hungry world,
and as much as the world needs your cargo,
you need to give it away.

Everything depends on this.
But the world forgets its needs,
and you forget your mission, and
the ancestral maps used to guide you
have become faded scrawls on the parchment of dead

The cargo weighs you heavy the longer it is held.
Spoilage becomes a risk.
The ship sputters from port to port and at each you
“Is this the way?”
But the way cannot be found without knowing the cargo,
and the cargo cannot be known without recognizing
there is a way.

It is simply this:
You have gifts.
The world needs your gifts.
You must deliver them.
The world may not know it is starving,
but the hungry know,
and they will find you
when you discover your cargo
and start to give it away.

– Greg Kimura