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Giants Won! Couples Can, Too

Giants Won!

Just think: The Giants were the NL wild card team. They had one chance to advance in the playoffs.  And the Giants won! They worked hard, they practiced, they used all of their skills, tools, coaching, and heart. I hope they had fun. It sure looked that way at times.

Couples Can Win, Too

Just think: Couples sometimes think they have just one chance to make a go of things in their marriage. They’ve been through so much, and are not sure if they can keep going.Giants Won! Good enough, not perfect.

Pablo Sandoval, otherwise known as ‘The Panda,’ told his team just before the start of The World Series Game 7, “Play as if this is the last baseball game you will ever play.”

What if we approach our marriage in the same way? What if this is the last day to love and be loved? Remember that in baseball, you’re a star if you hit it 3 times out of 10.

Not perfection. Good enough.


Photo by whiterussian