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Choose Your Beloved Daily

Choose Your Beloved Daily

A colleague sent me an article about a man who choseChoose your beloved daily his partner less and less each day for five years. They were both miserable in their “immature love.”
As I’ve written in many of my columns, you need to choose your partner every day. And when you find yourself choosing less, make a conscious effort again to choose each other.
How come people to used to choose one another, and then reduced their choosing? There could be many reasons:
–     Getting out of the habit as day-to-day life and all the responsibilities that go with it increase
–     Each person facing their own issues that show up in a committed partnership, and noticing the issues that their partner has
–     Fear of deep intimacy (I don’t mean sex); being truly known and seen with all your good, medium and poor traits
–     You don’t actually want to take on adult responsibility (vs. wanting to continue doing what you want, when you want, with whomever you want)
–     The hormones of lust and early love have faded
–     You start to think there might be a better fit for you. We usually choose a person that helps us grow, even though that can be difficult at times.
Not choosing your partner every day can be harmful to your emotional health, as well as to your partner’s.

Turn Things Around

– Tell your partner, “I choose you.”
– Say what you love and admire about your beloved
This increases your happiness and contentment for yourself and each other.
If you have kids you’ll be setting an amazing example for them of mature, committed love. This will set them up for their lifetime.

Don’t Wait if You’re Off Track

If you’re way off track, don’t wait in long getting help. While many people wait through six years of difficulty before seeking help, what might it be like if you only waited six months?

Release or Work on It?

As Bryan Reeves wrote, he finally released his relationship so she could be in a relationship where she could get the love she deserved.
Sometimes that’s the healthy thing to do. How do you know when you reach that point?
Most people want to try everything before they choose to go.

For Today

For today, remember the minute details of your initial love for your partner: what drew you to your beloved in the first place? Start there. Choose today. Show your love, speak your love, touch your love.

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