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Some couples have a tremendously hard time having children. And after many tries and losses, certain couples can benefit from infertility and miscarriage couples counseling. It seems that some women can get pregnant so easily (maybe even when they didn’t want to be), and sail through the months, and have a nice, healthy baby. I am so grateful that happens for many women.
On the other hand, there are women and couples who have a very difficult time even getting pregnant. You may spend a few years and many thousands of dollars to do so. And for other women, even after all of those efforts, they still do not get pregnant.
Still other women (myself included) are able to get pregnant, but are not able to keep the pregnancy. Miscarriage is very common. Yet, as I have written about before it is a hidden grief.
There are several good resources in addition to Resolve, The National Infertility Association.

I came across a very good publication, Miscarriage: The Hidden Loss, from Resolve. It covers everything from:

• Common Causes of Miscarriage
• Symptoms of a Miscarriage
• The Miscarriage
• Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
• Questions to Ask if You Have Had Several Miscarriages
• Questions to Ask About Immunologic Therapy for Miscarriage
• The Emotional Aspects of Miscarriage
• Coping With Pregnancy Loss
• Resources
• Suggested Readings

If you are having trouble communicating with your partner about your miscarriage, this would be a good piece for both of you to read. If you need more help, seek infertility and miscarriage couples counseling.
Here are The 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Surviving Miscarriage. A miscarriage can make a relationship stronger, as written byTina Donvito in Fit Pregnancy, as long as it’s handled well.
Whatever you do, please don’t be alone with your pain. You may not want to “burden” someone else, but if the tables were turned, you would support your friend and feel honored she trusted you enough to open up.
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